Frequently Asked Questions

What do the price ranges mean?

Numbers below are in USD. Regional pricing may differ. Example prices should only be used as a guide and not an official indicator of event prices.

 Price (USD)
$1 – 10
$ $11 – 25
$ $ $26 – 70
$ $ $ $71+

What kinds of events are allowed?

In general we allow all legal events. We welcome haunts of all sizes and price ranges. We don’t particularly want haunts that are invite only; although exceptions can be made.

Do you offer promoted or sponsored listings?

Not at this time. Contact Us to discuss other possible options.

My event is listed. How can I update information or have it removed?

Contact Us and we’ll be happy to make the changes or give you access to edit directly.

A photo or video is being used without permission / DMCA requests / other

Contact Us. For DMCA and similar we will respond within 24 hours.